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Over a three month span in early 2022, I wrote a collection of songs that eventually became RODEOMOTHH. The album is the synthesis of my heart and soul in regard to the theme of motherhood.

The first single, Panic at Sunrise, weaves deeply personal moments— falling, and staying, in love and facing struggles with my partner and resolving them with understanding. A song that is for anyone who's been in love.

I recorded my unreleased album RODEOMOTHH at Sputnik Sounds in Nashville with my incredible producer Mitch Dane who stretched my imagination and pushed me farther than I could dream. After hearing what Mitch had so carefully crafted, Vance Powell mixed this album. He added depth which let the soundscapes flourish. Pete Lyman mastered the album and not one moment needed to be altered— it was perfectly executed. Everyone collaborating on the project supported my vision and the authentic way in which I wanted to share my story.

When playing the music of RODEOMOTHH live I am able to express the vulnerability of motherhood, while strumming and singing a melody that conveys my spirit. The album encapsulates my determination to be true to myself, without reservation, on and off stage.


3/11 Seattle WA Neptune Theatre 8pm
4/2 Vashon WA Vashon Theatre 5pm
5/20 Everett WA Fisherman's Village Music Fest 5pm
5/27 Ballard WA Conor Byrne 8pm
6/3 Bremerton WA Wayzgoose Kitsap 1:30pm
7/22 Seattle WA Bite of Seattle 3pm
8/12 Southworth WA Tonyfest 4pm
8/13 Tokeland WA Woodwork Festival TBD
8/19 TBA
8/26 TBA
8/27 TBA
12/19 Vashon WA VCA w/ Patterson Hood 7:30pm
12/11 Bremerton WA Holiday Classics at Roxy Theatre 6pm
12/10 Vashon WA Holiday Classics at Snapdragon 6pm
12/10 Carnation WA Holiday Classics at Carnation Farms 11am
12/9 Seattle WA High Dive w/ Zan Fiskum 8pm
9/11 Seattle WA Sweet Dreams, The Music of Patsy Cline 6pm
9/10 Seattle WA Sweet Dreams, The Music of Patsy Cline 7pm
8/18 Seattle WA Volunteer Park Women of Song 6pm
8/6 Tokeland WA Tokeland Woodwork Festival 3pm
7/23 Everett WA Salty Sea Days 3:45pm
7/16 Vashon WA Strawberry Festival - Snapdragon South End Stage 5pm
7/9 Seattle WA Sleight of Hand Cellars 8pm


Alessandra Rose - Panic at Sunrise Alessandra Rose - You Are Gold Pooler & Alessandra Rose - Petrichor The Kindness Kind - The Kindness Kind